Our Food

We’ve got our own culture…

The overwhelming vibe at a Monterey Jacks is fun.


We play great music, but the real soundtrack is the buzz of people having an amazing time, ordering lots of food and drinks and making themselves comfortable.

In corner booths couples only have eyes for each other and their Instagramable plates. At big tables cocktails are slurped while menus are enthusiastically discussed. No one is in a hurry because they’ve come out to be at MJ’s – this isn’t a starting point, it’s the destination.

Our staff are proud to work at MJ’s and they have fun every shift. They run a slick service and enjoy being part of the guest experience. Having a low staff turnover leads to a tight, experienced team and the kind of consistency that keeps guests returning again and again.

By partnering with experienced franchise partners who share our values and laser sharp guest focus, we ensure that every Monterey Jacks grows into a highly profitable, long term success story whatever the town or city.